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  • Richard Mabbott

Infoblox Re-Brand: A bold and uniting force for networking and security teams.

It’s been great to see our re-brand work for Infoblox out in the wild over the past few months – especially the positive reaction from media, analysts and the brand’s global workforce.

The project started with a referral from our favorite Canadian client who shares an investor with Infoblox - and when we heard about the opportunity we jumped at the chance to help!

For networking professionals, Infoblox is long known and mission critical.

Its technology - in stripping out the complexity of managing and scaling enterprise networks – has been foundational in enabling the explosive digital growth the world has witnessed over the past two decades.

Today, with over 50% market share, Infoblox Core Networking services remain foundational for many of the world’s leading organizations including 9 of the 10 largest businesses on the planet.

In parallel – and perhaps less well known - Infoblox has been quietly enabling a revolution in the security market.

The background to this quiet revolution starts with a surprising truth.

Despite spending close to $1trillion on cybersecurity over the last 6 years, organizations around the world had been operating with a critical security blind spot.

Cyber criminals were exploiting DNS infrastructure to hide from this huge investment in tools and technology, executing a growing number of damaging attacks.

In response, Infoblox pioneered DNS Security solutions to help its customers see and stop these threats earlier, mitigating this risk to their businesses. And today, over 90% of organizations now use DNS as part of their security strategy with Infoblox having driven a DNS Security market worth $1.4bn annually.

As part of our process we spoke to Infoblox customers and quickly understood that this was only the start of the quiet revolution taking place.

Post pandemic, the move to a more distributed workforce has shifted security controls to manage and monitor remote employees and devices. Businesses have added significant resources to networks, databases and customer portals. While increasing cloud usage has brought greater collaboration with third parties, which are harder to trust.

Working with Infoblox, progressive security leaders have now seen first-hand the potential of the context-rich intelligence that sits within networking to help manage this change as well as solve some of their biggest security challenges. For example:

  • Mitigating the growing risk of data leakage, ransomware and direct cloud attacks

  • Seeing and stopping threats earlier to limit the cost and reputational damage of breaches

  • Increasing SOC effectiveness and productivity against a backdrop of limited security resources/talent

  • Maximizing return on existing security investments and building greater C-Suite support

  • Fundamentally increasing business resilience

We learned that these security leaders are now mission driven to unite SecOps and NetOps in order to best capitalise on this network intelligence opportunity. As a result, the security market is fundamentally changing with new categories such as DNS Detection & Response fast emerging and analysts forecasting Infoblox’s addressable market to grow by over $5bn in the next 5 years alone.

In brand terms, we saw it was very much time to bring Infoblox and this quiet revolution out of the shadows and in doing so, re-position Infoblox in line with what it has become: Not just a leader in Core Networking, DDI and DNS Security markets, but a bold and uniting force for networking and security teams looking to deliver better protection and performance to their organizations.

Our insight work with stakeholders, analysts and customers led to the brand idea ‘build for a world that never stops’ – an invitation to prospects to unite networking and security operations, gain real-time visibility and control over who and what connects to the network, and build safer, more resilient environments.

From there we developed a complete messaging map for the brand that connected the umbrella story to propositions for networking and security audiences plus platform and product messaging.

Visually, we significantly simplified the Infoblox logo to help communicate this confidence while updating key design elements to pay homage to the brand’s past.

The previous mark was inspired by the Infoblox patented grid technology that had been so instrumental in the brand’s early success. It included a grid of 7 diamond shapes in a mix of different shades of yellow, blue and green.

The refreshed logo represents the uniting of networking and security with these 7 shapes combining to form a single diamond that becomes a key asset within the wider brand identity system.

The colors in the primary logo and wider palette are also simplified, focusing on a primary green and black with the aim of creating greater ownership and recognition.

A new, contemporary typeface was chosen with 45-degree angled cuts on the ‘I’ and ‘f’ mirroring the diamond shape. Together, this represents both stability and progression as Infoblox looks to the future to maintains its leadership in established markets and builds its presence in new growth areas.

Photography is used to aid storytelling and bring to life key brand themes – a world that never stops and networking and security uniting. Pivoting between these two themes, the style is dynamic and energetic as well as authentic and relatable.

The re-brand also creates an opportunity for Infoblox to celebrate the passion, commitment and diversity of its global employees - the Bloxers - who collectively have such a positive impact on its customers and communities in the 130+ countries where the business operates.

We developed a complete set of tools to enable successful roll-out of the brand including guidelines, a message map, video scripts and a range of creative assets and templates.

The Infoblox re-brand sets out to reflect a more confident business, in line with its leadership position and the critical, foundational role it plays in today’s fast-moving digital world – a world that never stops.

It was a pleasure to work on the project with the ambitious, incredibly talented and thoroughly nice Infoblox team in Boston, Atlanta and San Francisco. We thank them for all their support and look forward to seeing the brand’s successful journey continue!

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