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  • Richard Mabbott

Contrast Security: Get Secure Code Moving

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

It was nice to see our Connected TV ad for Contrast Security hit the airwaves recently, the latest activation from our brand re-positioning work.

Los Altos based Contrast is a leading player in the Application Security market. The business’s traditional buying audience sat within the CISO functional area but as technology organizations embraced DevOps and DevSecOps the brand needed to shift gears and extend its appeal to developer and engineering teams.

We were engaged to help re-position the business and create an idea that would do that, while unifying the existing product story around a platform.

Our insight work – with customers and prospects across the US and Europe – pointed to security and development teams having conflicting objectives that created friction and either slowed down release cycles or led to software being released with vulnerabilities.

Luckily, the unique technology on which Contrast’s offering is built solves for this tension by empowering development teams to secure their code in real-time rather than waiting for security teams to test and alert them to issues that needed remediating. Result J

The messaging platform we created for the brand led us to the idea “Get Secure Code Moving”, an invitation to both security and development teams to capitalize on the capabilities of the “Contrast Secure Code Platform” (he name we gave to the central component of the new product story) and deliver on the needs of their businesses in a software driven world.

The TV ad celebrates the combined role of security and developer teams in protecting us all as we use the code they have built across our daily lives.

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